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Recommendations, The Expectations

Intelligence and Machine Learning. That is what the need of the hour is. Technical Match Can there be recommendations which actually match the technical specifications? Like if I purchase a camera, can I know what data formats it supports? Based on that technical compatibility, what other devices would be compatible? Give and Take Can one… Continue reading Recommendations, The Expectations

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Handling the vcvarsall.bat error

We might end up with the “unable to find vcvarsall.bat” error while installing the python packages on windows system. Why it happens? When we try to install the python package, it has to compile that c/c++ file from source(python is not just a .py) for which there is a need of compiler(a supported version of Visual… Continue reading Handling the vcvarsall.bat error

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Super Markets – Recommendations

Bringing together the heads of all kinds under a single head, that’s what, was the concept of establishing super markets. The customer walks inside the shop to pick the goods of interest. In the concept of shops, the customer would go with the needs to the shop and demand the need. With things being placed… Continue reading Super Markets – Recommendations


See, Say, Market Recommendations

We are fundamentally going to talk and discuss about the market which has buying, selling and other ‘ing’s. A market also has an interesting part – recommendations. With the evolution of market nature and kind, this books talks about how the system of recommendations has evolved. The challenge is for predicting and expecting what lies… Continue reading See, Say, Market Recommendations

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Software Karma

“Exploring Completeness in the Incompleteness” We would never buy a car if it has the engine missing or another part per say. Even if the manufacturer promised us to deliver by next six months, we would feel crazy and would not agree to it.  We would never purchase anything which is not the whole! But… Continue reading Software Karma

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Machinery Intelligence

Sixty plus years ago, Alan Turing had formulated the ‘Imitation Game’. It was alternative way of asking and describing the question, “Can Machines think?” Through his description he had defined  ‘machine’ and ‘think’ and concluded that there is plenty ahead that needs to be done. It was the time when digital computers were not realized… Continue reading Machinery Intelligence

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The Unpredictability

Predict: say or estimate that (a specified thing) will happen in the future or will be a consequence of something. We have horoscope predictions, predictions of how a government may perform, predictions of what technology will bring, predictions that were made long ago in time about long ahead in future etc. There have been predictions… Continue reading The Unpredictability