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Arrays in C – Pros and Cons

Set 01: Pro: It can hold the collection of similar items Con: It can hold the collection of similar items only Set 02: Pro: Memory allocated is continuous. You can increment the index to move to next element.  You can refer to any item in array using its index Con: Memory allocated is continuous. If… Continue reading Arrays in C – Pros and Cons

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malloc( ) in C

Function malloc() is used to dynamically allocate the memory in C. The general syntax goes the following way: (type_casting) malloc (size) let us understand it in detail in the form of a conversation: That’s how the components of the syntax: “(type casting the pointer) malloc(specifying the size) “ can be understood.   A sample source… Continue reading malloc( ) in C

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Keylink Data Structure

We often encounter projects and experiments where keywords are associated to the web links. For each of those keywords present in the list, one or more links are collected to gather and process the data related to it. Keylink data structure maintains a web link to every keyword present in the list. The number of… Continue reading Keylink Data Structure


Structures and C – Ebook

Understanding ‘structures’ has given stunning buildings and architectural wonders. Understanding ‘structures’ has explained us how to visualize the universe and the planetary system. Understanding ‘structures’ has given out patterns and designs. Structures have made the study easy and involving. Understanding ‘structures’ will also make you a better programmer. Though we are referring to different structures… Continue reading Structures and C – Ebook

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‘switch’ Case in Python

[Note: This tutorials is for beginners only] Once you start programming in Python, very soon you encounter with the scenario that there is no direct support of switch case. The community has various alternatives for the purpose namely, Using dictionaries Using lambdas Using Exceptions and many others! For a beginner it is faster and easier… Continue reading ‘switch’ Case in Python

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Inventory Data Structure

Inventory data structure is a makeover of a matrix data structure. Often we encounter tasks where we have keywords and their associated properties. Consider like we have 5 items and each item has associated 10 properties, we want to put them in a table and then perform some operations on it.  A matrix is too… Continue reading Inventory Data Structure