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Super Markets – Recommendations

Bringing together the heads of all kinds under a single head, that’s what, was the concept of establishing super markets. The customer walks inside the shop to pick the goods of interest.

In the concept of shops, the customer would go with the needs to the shop and demand the need. With things being placed at visible site, the customer stands outside the shop and makes the demand. While in supermarket, it’s huge. The customer walks inside and picks the need all by him. The items are arranged in order and patterns to increase the accessibility. There is no talk or any kind of interaction here. The customer picks the need, gets them billed in the end and walks out.

Here there is no person standing to make the recommendations. Instead the neatly arranged shelves do that job even without uttering a word. The customer mostly ends up buying more than the desired most of the times.

While it is a shop, no one goes there just to stand and see. One can walk inside a super market just to kill some time and end up making some purchases. The neatly arranged shelves do the job of recommendation more than the way imagined and expected.

Supermarkets got a revolution. The customer has an advantage to pick many categories of produces at one single place. The purchase data of many customers are analyzed to see how to place the shelves so that the sale increases. The market basket analysis told the super market owners on how to arrange the shelves. That was recommendation, coming out from sales data analysis.

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