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Recommendations, The Expectations

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Intelligence and Machine Learning. That is what the need of the hour is.

Technical Match
Can there be recommendations which actually match the technical specifications? Like if I purchase a camera, can I know what data formats it supports? Based on that technical compatibility, what other devices would be compatible?

Give and Take
Can one recommend a list of items to purchase, while a set of items is given as input by the customer? Like say if I give the format and shape of television stand, wall design, price, etc can I get an affordable television recommendation?

Expert Systems
Can one use an expert system and analysis to make a smarter recommendation? Can it see my environment and give me recommendations based on my current living condition? Can the expert system suggest me right paint for my wall color? Can it suggest the right color of dress to wear based on the climate?

Best Buy
It is not always the price factor. Giving a best buy should not be influenced only on the basis of product price. Price has to be yet another parameter and not the major parameter.

Apt and Wise
The recommendations must be more like, ‘If you have this, you might need this too’ and like, ‘If you go for this, you will have to go for this too’ and like, ‘if you have all this, you just need this’. Say for example, if I purchase a cake powder from a shop can I get the other ingredients recommendations to prepare the cake, automatically?

Formally Proved
Can we have recommendations which are formally proved to be correct? Logics and formal theories have been only in complex software earlier and now have moved down the line to every kind of system.

Science Principles
Can we have recommendations which satisfy the principles from science? It is not that user needs to know and made aware of the science behind. But they are needed to make the recommendations meaningful. Can we recommend a movie based on the plot of the movie rather than just going by similar rated users?

We have named and discussed a few based on the recent trends where recommendations are taking the path. And these are not some random claims. They are demands because the machines have the capability to produce them.

The need for smarter systems calls for a better research. One needs to dig out the principles of the real world and fit them inside the virtual world in the exact same way. One needs to make the machine see and act. One needs to make machine learn with an expert system which can tutor the machine to take wise decisions.

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