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Files in C – Sample Program

The code can also be downloaded from Github HERE. Question: Mobile Service Provider – Service Directory ====================================================== A mobile service provider maintains a minimum data service file with following details: Registration number Name Age City Of a customer for some quick information retrieval The file is named as “service.txt”. The console for this is provided… Continue reading Files in C – Sample Program

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JavaScript Animation Libraries – Quick Survey

Originally posted on PH Bytes:
JavaScript is so much powerful that everything can be animated with ease among-st numerous available libraries. Being tried with a few libraries, here is a small survey. The list is never ending. There are 100’s with specific properties. Here are a few which i have used! Collie Can create highly…

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Dynamic Memory Allocation API’s – Quick Glance

malloc – allocates and reserves a block of memory, specified in bytes and returns a pointer to the first byte of allocated space. Example: malloc(size) char *str; str = (char *)malloc(10); calloc – allocates multiple block of same size, initializes all locations to zero and returns a pointer to the first byte of allocated space… Continue reading Dynamic Memory Allocation API’s – Quick Glance

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Static V/S Dynamic Memory Allocation

  Si. No Static Memory Allocation Dynamic Memory Allocation 1 Memory allocation happens at compile time Memory allocation happens at Run time 2 It applies to global variables, file scope variables, and variables qualified with static defined inside functions It applies to variables that allocate memory during runtime using memory allocation API’s 3 The size is… Continue reading Static V/S Dynamic Memory Allocation