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Euclidean Distance

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It is the distance between two points present in the Euclidean space (In geometry, Euclidean space is referred as 2 dimensional Euclidean plane) Plane and Point Formula: The Euclidean distance between points p and q is the length of the line segment connecting them. In the Euclidean plane, if p…


Algorithm for Algorithm

We have advanced so much with data science, machine learning and artificial learning that sometimes I really wonder if writing an algorithm would makes sense. With changing data, algorithm turns out to be highly dynamic and difficult to predict how it might behave after certain point of time if we are not aware of type… Continue reading Algorithm for Algorithm

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Handy Codes Library

Every one should have a code library which has all the basic things implemented. Specially those into competitive programming. Use it at required rather than going from scratch. I have started one and its eventually growing. I have kept it open on github, public, and is available here: Day Today Codes Its small yet and… Continue reading Handy Codes Library

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Keeping IT Simple

Research challenges are always exciting. They come with an experience of –  “Not knowing where to start”. Well, that’s an amazing experience because we can start anywhere. When we look at what we have, very easily, our mind will point to think something complicated. Some complicated procedure that is not easy. But, a lot of… Continue reading Keeping IT Simple