Production and Consumption – Market

The market is driven by producers and consumers based on the demand and supply. There is a demand from a consumer and those demands are fulfilled by the producers and so how the ends meet. However, market is about finding that right balance between that production and consumption (that need not be essentially called so).… Continue reading Production and Consumption – Market


Check if Number is Odd Using Bitwise – C

An odd number always has the LSB set to 1. If we AND the given number with 1, the even number will always turn out to be zero. We can using this to check if the number is odd or even. Examples: 1) n = 4 100     (4) 001     (1) ———– AND 000… Continue reading Check if Number is Odd Using Bitwise – C

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Machine Learning to Machine Reasoning

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Learning and Reasoning are two essential abilities associated with intelligence. As humans we see a scene, we hear a sentence and we just know what they mean. We can learn and we can take decisions based on reasoning. Bringing this capability to machine is a challenging task. The efforts have…


Case Conversion using Bitwise – C

We generally use the functions strlwr() and strupr() available under string.h to toggle between the cases. This can also be achieved using bitwise operations. Before that, lets understand the ASCII table. ASCII of A is 65 (1000001) ASCII of a is 97 (1100001) Similarly, ASCII of Z is 97   (1011010) ASCII of z is 122 (1111010)… Continue reading Case Conversion using Bitwise – C