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Knit Arena – Python Workshop

Python Programming workshop (Basics) was conducted on 20th October 2018, 10.30am to 12.30pm at St. John’s Polytechnic College, Hubballi.  The session was organized by Knit Arena. Details Updated here: Python Programming Workshop Yes, the goal ultimatum is make our engine go live. But all this to keep our existence. Up and running.

Python Codes

Handling Array of Long Bit Strings – Python

When working with data science projects or any other as well, we might need to work  with long binary strings. Bitarray is the package that is need of the hour. However we might also need an array of bit strings. In that case, one option is to store every bit string in a dictionary data… Continue reading Handling Array of Long Bit Strings – Python

Python Codes

Random Poem Generator

This is a python code for a random poem generator. The code has a lot of scope for improvements. This project was implemented to learn python and python gui using tkinter. It takes a keyword as a input and generates a random 4 line poem as output. It uses python 3.4, tkinter and BeautifulSoup API’s.… Continue reading Random Poem Generator

Python Codes

Extracting Search Engine Links – Python

It could be a basic need for many data science projects to extract all the links present in the search engine results. The task can be achieved through many way including Google API’s, Scrappers etc. One simple and easy way is to use the BeautifulSoup. Following is the python code to extract all the links… Continue reading Extracting Search Engine Links – Python

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Keylink Data Structure

We often encounter projects and experiments where keywords are associated to the web links. For each of those keywords present in the list, one or more links are collected to gather and process the data related to it. Keylink data structure maintains a web link to every keyword present in the list. The number of… Continue reading Keylink Data Structure