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Inventory Data Structure

Inventory Data structure is a data structure which can be used to manage inventory data items. To be generic, any kind of 2D data where we have keywords and properties associated with each tabulated in the form of a table. It can be used as an exercise problem while teaching ‘Data Structure’ Course, for better… Continue reading Inventory Data Structure

General Discussions

Technology and Life

Here are the three Skillful values for the kids of upcoming generation: Technology is not life Technology! Is not life Technology, is not life Technology is not life You will see many gadgets along you grow. They will be in need along the ride. They are the support system of life. But they are not… Continue reading Technology and Life

Python Codes

Knit Arena – Python Workshop

Python Programming workshop (Basics) was conducted on 20th October 2018, 10.30am to 12.30pm at St. John’s Polytechnic College, Hubballi.  The session was organized by Knit Arena. Details Updated here: Python Programming Workshop Yes, the goal ultimatum is make our engine go live. But all this to keep our existence. Up and running.