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Pointers and Conventions (C)

This note covers various types of pointers to be aware of and a few notations used with pointers. Types of Pointers Pointer: Pointer is a variable which holds the address of another variable NULL Pointer: A null pointer has a value reserved for indicating that the pointer does not refer to a valid object. It… Continue reading Pointers and Conventions (C)

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The Story of X

Okay. We know that we need to get better in logic. This happens in many ways.   One is to understand the complete picture of the problem we are working. Understanding the scenarios is important in the programming context. One needs to understand the type of environment we are now working in. Let us consider an… Continue reading The Story of X

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Machine Learning In Layman’s Terms

Machine learning in layman’s terms is, “Machine wants to be a layman” Machine wants to see like a layman does. Machine wants to think like a layman does. Machine though computationally can perform complex things, must be capable to take some logical decisions.  The computational capability is an added advantage, requiring the intelligence to self… Continue reading Machine Learning In Layman’s Terms

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Understanding Stacks (DS)

This post helps in better understanding of stack data structure. Let us consider an array with the name ‘array’ of size ‘n’. You can access any element of the array by specifying the appropriate index. Visualize the picture mentally and this is how probably it should look like:   Let us now understand how an… Continue reading Understanding Stacks (DS)

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Time Please!

We know that ‘computation is a process of unfolding the given problem’. I always had this question, why is it not ‘computation is a process of unfolding the given problem with respect to time’? Everything we do has the time dimension. We have seen hardware students doing it as well, but why not in software’s? That is… Continue reading Time Please!

Python Codes

Extracting Search Engine Links – Python

It could be a basic need for many data science projects to extract all the links present in the search engine results. The task can be achieved through many way including Google API’s, Scrappers etc. One simple and easy way is to use the BeautifulSoup. Following is the python code to extract all the links… Continue reading Extracting Search Engine Links – Python

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Why Program?

The decisive goal of each programming language is to keep it effortless for the user and conceal the complexity in the implementation. The intact notion of theory in computer science verbalizes the abstraction by keeping it easy to the user. Concept is goal driven to optimize it to the computer architecture. We all speak of… Continue reading Why Program?