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Knit Engine [Ver. 0.2]

After the first version release of my research work which was named as Knit Engine [Ver. 0.1], I decided to make a monthly release to keep up and monitor the progress of the work. They will be small releases to track the work, however nothing made public as of yet. This release Version 0.2, saw… Continue reading Knit Engine [Ver. 0.2]


The Web Circular – Ebook

It’s kind of a Notice. Like a note given to web and web enthusiasts. The book presents a very brief history of evolution and as well predicts a few things that could deliver an obligatory friendly web in the future. The book is divided into two parts. ‘Part A: The Evolution’ presents the history and… Continue reading The Web Circular – Ebook

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Euclidean Distance

It is the distance between two points present in the Euclidean space (In geometry, Euclidean space is referred as 2 dimensional Euclidean plane) Plane and Point Formula: The Euclidean distance between points p and q is the length of the line segment connecting them. In the Euclidean plane, if p = (p1, p2) and q… Continue reading Euclidean Distance

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See, Say, Market Recommendations

Originally posted on PH Bytes:
We are fundamentally going to talk and discuss about the market which has buying, selling and other ‘ing’s. A market also has an interesting part – recommendations. With the evolution of market nature and kind, this books talks about how the system of recommendations has evolved. The challenge is for…

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AJAX Principles

This post briefs out the AJAX principles. Minimal traffic: Send and receive as little information as possible to and from the server to keep the traffic minimal No surprises: Being consistent so that user knows what to do next, no matter what interaction model is opted for design Established conventions: Borrow heavily from traditional web… Continue reading AJAX Principles

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Dice Index

Used for comparing the similarity of two samples. Also known as F1 score or Dice similarity coefficient. Majorly known as Sørensen–Dice index. Dice Index is calculated using the formula: Where X and Y are sets of features for each of the concepts and | | is cardinality of a set. Example: X = {1, 3, 5,… Continue reading Dice Index

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Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

This post gives the summary of what to majorly remember in the evolution of web. Web 1.0: It was mainly a read only web The idea was to create Universal Document Identifier (UDI) ad create a common information space It included static html pages that were updated infrequently Core protocols were: HTTP, HTL and URI… Continue reading Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

Python Codes

Random Poem Generator

This is a python code for a random poem generator. The code has a lot of scope for improvements. This project was implemented to learn python and python gui using tkinter. It takes a keyword as a input and generates a random 4 line poem as output. It uses python 3.4, tkinter and BeautifulSoup API’s.… Continue reading Random Poem Generator