Honest Data Science Talks

The Data Villains

This article is Talk 02 of Honest Data Science Talks series. Each talk of around 500 words length, is personal thoughts and deliberations on the domain. We are talking about data science, but let us take a step sideways and peek-a-boo with data. Our efforts have been to generate and analyze science for the data we have. We have… Continue reading The Data Villains

General Discussions

Amantrya 2k19

A not so long introductory note: I much wanted to be there for the farewell of very first batch of SoCSE, KLE Technological Univeristy, but could not for my very own reasons. This post would certainly miss the word-ly expressions and pauses as it’s no longer in speech form but does have a fine tune… Continue reading Amantrya 2k19

General Discussions

Knit School – Code Camp and Internships

Knit School, is A 3 BHK home to crash Designs, Charts, Plans, Handouts, Pin-prints, Task Lists Books, Research Papers, Scribbles, Novels Discussions, Companions, Expert Visits Internet and Bed Code, Sleep, Eat, Repeat! How about you take a break from all other routine worldly activities, pack your bag and join in the code camp from Knit… Continue reading Knit School – Code Camp and Internships

General Discussions

Hello Competitive Programming!

Note: This is an introductory article for the Algorithmic Problem Solving Course offered at KLE Technological University, Hubballi-31 (2018-19) Not every university offers a full-fledged programming course that prepares towards competitive programming. KLE Technological University is one of those few universities that has a vision knowing its importance and how it can lead to positive… Continue reading Hello Competitive Programming!