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“Exploring Completeness in the Incompleteness”

We would never buy a car if it has the engine missing or another part per say. Even if the manufacturer promised us to deliver by next six months, we would feel crazy and would not agree to it.  We would never purchase anything which is not the whole!

But software’s? Software has this unusual quality. We use them no matter the vulnerable bugs present in it.

Why is that? May be because we cannot see it! We don’t have a holistic view of software. Or is it because, we know that bugs are part and parcel of software’s. Why doesn’t an engineer make bug free software?

Well, I guess that’s the software karma. Engineers keep it breakable, so that it is fixable. It’s the direction of rethink and reuse phenomenon of the evolving software!


7 thoughts on “Software Karma

  1. I feel like most software users are entirely unaware of the bugs in the software they use even daily. Its a huge problem in technological literacy, not knowing how secure your tools are.

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