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The Human Logic


This article is Talk 04 of Honest Data Science Talks series. Each talk of around 500 words length, is personal thoughts and deliberations on the domain.

I have known a yoga teacher who has some severe anger issues. I have also known a yoga student who wakes up at 4.30 am for yoga and remains lazy and inactive all through the day. It means it’s not just about doing it; it’s about doing it right. No wonder Kung Fu Panda articulated that ‘inner peace’ is not an easy-peasy thing.

I saw this funny WhatsApp forward sent by one of my colleagues. Someone needs a vote to win the award, and the winning is solely based on the votes. The forward further said, (quoting the exact words): ‘You need to vote for nominees in ten domains. Please vote for ‘me’ and for the remaining nine domains, read the description and take a suitable call’. Hey, but I don’t know any of the ten! Aren’t we biased?

The impatience on the roads are scary. I sometimes feel I have forgotten how to drive.

“Congratulations, dear driver. With that hasty and reckless driving you have reached home 1 minute and 37 seconds early. What do you plan to do with that saved time?” Oh, I know!

Immersion of the internet has opened up many new dimensions in different fields. A community formed with people, offline, has social connect and compassion, whereas the one built online through a technology application is mostly useless and meets the objective – ‘kill time.’ People now want to become famous by trolling others and their work. They are eager to take applaud by copying and distributing contents that are not their own. Someone is sharing an incident, not for the awareness, but for getting the hits and likes. I once had a professor telling me that he wants to do something new in the class, and the strategy was to open the class with a quote and share a few more later. That’s all! The quotes were not even his own. 

On a beautiful Sunday morning, the plan could have been to catch a movie for 10.00 am show, but in reality, they could still be in bed by 11.00 am. The group gossips have humor and irony. There could be things said and discussed that have no context what so ever. People might find a song on a random day beautiful. An old friend might call to catch up with business intentions.

Let us get into the part of intelligence and artificial intelligence. ‘Artificial’ is a copy of natural because it is not naturally occurring. I want to stress the word- ‘copy.’ With no doubts it means we are trying to mimic the natural intelligence. With the above context, now, and also by common inferred logic, we can clearly see that human reasoning is stupid and convoluted.  Probably, one may come with a randomness model and validate with Knuth’s linear congruency model, but building a human logic model seems an almost impossible task.

Humans have a weird logic. Or to put that in better terms, they have a philosophy that cannot be easily designed as a process. The human decision-making process cannot be a predictive model all the time, and this process has numerous parameters that cannot be quantified or parameterized.

Machines are computationally intelligent. There are always specific fields that can use intensive and exhaustive data to compute and aid in a better decision process. The question here is, can we call this as machine learning and artificial intelligence? Can we? Should a machine learn? Is machine learning? Is storing results and decision learning? Do we really need artificial intelligence? Can intelligence incorporate stupidity?

Then there also is another REAL question to ask: above described human logic that makes no sense, should that be modeled into a machine? Is it really required?


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6 thoughts on “The Human Logic

  1. Not all human logic can be illogical. How else have systems and process come to exist? As the logic is selectively irrational, probably that part needn’t be modelled. Or probably cannot be modelled but need to be. And the non-sense would need a model because only a non-sense model can predict a non-sense behaviour.

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    1. The term ‘illogical’ is the lack of logic. Now consider this, – “A human with no emotions (The part that cannot be logically explained. (At least that’s what most say)) is said to be a machine”. To bring out human nature into machines, bring an artificial machine closer to the natural, ironically we must make it understand these irrational things. Will it be beneficial? That is a question to ponder upon.

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