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Amantrya 2k19

A not so long introductory note:
I much wanted to be there for the farewell of very first batch of SoCSE, KLE Technological Univeristy, but could not for my very own reasons. This post would certainly miss the word-ly expressions and pauses as it’s no longer in speech form but does have a fine tune of sentences for the very same reason. The win-win is that it’s going to stay on my blog. Forever. For however long it is.  For the day, this would go into informal section.


Now this is how a good day looks like. Feels like. I like it when auditorium gets dressed this way. The colours here carry a lot of depth and for no reason (well, we all know the reason) they bring joy. It’s that moment, which is ‘happiness’, for no specific one reason.  I know most of you will agree that getting dressed to a farewell has more preparations than any exam ever! Farewell scenes are LIT!

The Moments
Do you remember the very first day of the college, the kind of scared you, the kind of excited you, all pumped up for engineering?
The first every project that burnt your days and nights?
The first ever minors that took away your sleep?
The first ever team project?
The first ever class/friends group trips?
The first ever night out?
The first ever misunderstanding?
The first ever ‘new’?
The first ever frustrated cry?
Engineering gives many such first ever. In CSE, we make sure that you have much more than only first. You see, it’s all these days, your efforts, your struggle, your endurance that today is putting together all your expression on one single day. That’s why Farewell looks beautiful. It’s not a single day. It’s a collective moment. That’s why most probably you don’t know what to say. You don’t know what to say because you have lived it and if anyone has to understand it, they can only by living through it! That’s the reason why I like Farewell. How else could a degree be made more memorable?


When I walked into department you all had entered your fifth semester, most of you working out on your mini project through summer holidays. You remember Blue-Print? Because of which, all your projects got scrapped out and you had to restart? Well, that was me! I much remember the way teams assigned to me interacted, almost hating me, LOL, that seems like yesterday. Where did the time go? Really. Where? I got to know most of you through mini project and minor project reviews. Algorithmic Problem Solving course memories is going to stay with me for a long time. That course was LIT, I must say! Model Thinking, MOOD! How many final year classes run with atleast 50% attendance? Na?

The A1
I have seen you all cry during reviews. I have seen you all celebrate after placements. I have seen you all dance and sing during Sparsh. I have seen hostel diaries, birthday celebrations, memes, funny late night videos, concerns, pulling out an all-nighters, etc etc etc. Isn’t that beautiful? I have witnessed the many awards you all have won over the time. We have stood in elation for all the accolades that you have got to the school. All those medals you got to us, intra, inter and external, all those will stay with us.  You are leaving a great culture to all the juniors out there. Guys, you all will be remembered. Remembered as the class, for the ‘class one’!


The Path Ahead
As you all step out with greater ambitions, make the professional world yours. It could get sucky as well. Don’t get tied up into monotonous routine. The first few years of your work life will give you many aspects of what you want to define for yourself. Keep it alive. Keep it active. Try new things. The world is open for inventions. The world needs discoveries. You all have that potential. Be aware of what’s happening around you. Learn new often. Explore new often. Make a trip often. Meet new people often. Greet people often. Keep in touch. Stand out. Be psyched for the passion that dwells in you. Your alma mater looks forward on you.

It’s okay to wake up at 6.30am to watch a Game of Thrones episode. It’s okay to take a long trip for a concert that you love. It’s okay to watch a chick-flick. It’s okay to watch a movie first day first show. It’s okay to fall for a music. It’s okay to dance in rain. It’s okay to ride slow on a deserted long road. It’s okay if you fall in love with a book. It’s okay to love your job. It’s all okay. Well, it sure would NOT be okay if you don’t do any of it or more. Make the most of your 20’s. Your alma mater looks forward on you.


I have known most of you and seen all of you! Wave a hand and offer a smile if you see me out somewhere down the line. Anything more would be a glee! Closing with wishes – may the Force be with you!

Class of 2019 will be remembered!

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