Algorithm for Algorithm

We have advanced so much with data science, machine learning and artificial learning that sometimes I really wonder if writing an algorithm would makes sense. With changing data, algorithm turns out to be highly dynamic and difficult to predict how it might behave after certain point of time if we are not aware of type of data and operations it has undergone. Learning, as we refer it as.

Parameters, constraints, bounds, guards, conditions, etc everything is subject to change. Yes. We need an algorithm to address how to capture and reflect the changes. But I guess there will be a day very soon where machine just needs data and it might automatically manage the rest.

Machine would build its own algorithm and behave as the environment demands. As a programmer the task will be to analyse the data and give appropriate decisions. The generalization over the data operations seems to be the much needed job for tomorrow.

Is just the data.

Does this seem strange? Is this when machines will start controlling humans? Or has it already started?

Let me Know What you Think!

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