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Storytelling and Programming

Story telling is an art. Essentially, every plot is a collection of emotions. Conflicts build curiosity. There are some constraints. Some factors, some environment, some of characters, all working towards the end goal, which in most case is – ‘happily ever after’.


With programming now being and becoming a household thing, is no lesser than art of storytelling. It’s easy to write an unreadable code. It equally complex to write a code that anyone can understand. Reiterating the very old thing, it’s not easy to be simple!  I see there is so much correlation with storytelling.

A good code is a good story. They both are art thing. When a programmer writes a code, it’s not a onetime thing. It is going to traverse through lots of heads and hands. Unlike a story which is just read, a code might get updated though different hands. Naturally, programming needs and demands a better organization mechanism.

Time has presented a lot of mechanisms and by far all, literate programming stands as a strong supportive thing. The ‘literate’ with this understanding now gives various dimensions to think on. What also is in need is, do we need a frame work to write a code? Or is it too much to ask?


Let me Know What you Think!

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