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PhD – The Journey

Stays forever, Like forever!

In the course of this journey, one finds love (atleast with books), gets married, have a job change, have kids, get promotions, use a stick to walk and many things amidst, with mostly all or subset of this. But the journey of PhD will continue. Somewhere in between you will also get an official letter saying you have completed the program and now you can prefix a Dr. to your name. But the journey will continue.

That is why it is very important to pick a right problem. It should be the food for the upcoming few decades. Research is like marrying the hectic and it makes one feel completely comfortable with it. It’s totally okay if you have spent a lot of time freezing your problem definition. For something that will totally stick and stitch with you, you better have a sturdy thread and needle.

The other thing is, it’s not the only thing we are carrying. We already have a lot of luggage which is already heavy. This is going to be a fancy bag which we shall pick up now and then. There are going to be breaks in between, some personal issues, some lost interest, some many things that will keep you away from this fancy bag.

But you know the feeling you get talking to your best friend even after years, right?  It feels like you had met yesterday, isn’t it? So is this PhD. Though you give a break, it feels like yesterday you had stopped working. Remember that taking a break is different from giving up. I would highly suggest not even to think of the latter case. In case always say you are taking a break and will catch up soon. And you should.

More at: PhD the Messy Desk


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