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Web and The Related Data

We don’t want the web to give related data only based on user profiles, user matrices and item profiles. There is so much which goes in production of an item. Can it be based on real specifications and technical aspects? We need a better recommendation system. We need to put things together which actually gel together.

We have been providing some kind of compromising solutions because other ways are too complex to achieve. For example let us consider a movie recommendation. We don’t want a recommendation because someone similar to our profile has liked it. Instead we would want the recommender system to check the movies one has liked, go through the plot of them along with movie characteristics and then give the suitable recommendations. Similar profiled users can be given a small weightage.  We have the data. We just need more and suitable processing done on it.

When we put related data together, it is more about knowing what I have and what I need to have. It is about what can complete the missing part. It is about identifying what actually is the missing part.

When we have related data together, it can lead to new inventions. It can change the way we see the world. It can tell us the right things that can make our home look beautiful. It can tell us how to décor our car. It can tell us what the missing book in our book shelf is. It can suggest the much needed app for our smart phone. It can tell a researcher where to look next. It can tell a mechanic which would be next popular vehicle on the road. It can tell a manufacturer what to produce next. It can tell an online shopper what to purchase for the next festival provided what he has now.

If I say ‘cake’, I want the store to tell me where to find all the ingredients. If I say ‘bored’ I want the system to recommend me the book suitable for the moment. If I say ‘news’ then the news of my preference should come up in the order. Yes, we are talking about personalization and that should not be influenced on others choice. It should be based on my web browsing details and my profile of interest. To achieve all this, the major challenge is – putting all the related data together!

We don’t have an engine yet that would present us with all the related data on web for the given input. This is not easy. This in turn calls the unification of every research carried out so far and everything discussed above. The question is how will it be achieved and who will do it?

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2 thoughts on “Web and The Related Data

    1. True that.. I second the thoughts..! Thank you for sharing.. 🙂

      People are trying hard to keep it simple. Everything is in the process yet.


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