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The Web for Tomorrow

Apprehending the web known so far, we have quite a few challenges in hand. With new technologies and tools being added to the web, they largely call for something to unify everything under a single umbrella.

We have been inventing things to put everything together but in the process we have been diverging and getting farther. Yes, it is agreeable that web is composed of different kinds of components and that is how the challenge of interoperability arises but we need more meaningful wrappers which can get together different kinds of components.

This is where the machine learning and artificial intelligence has to play the role. They need to provide the web with capability of dynamically building those wrappers. The web needs to learn on its own on how to communicate with various components and automatically build the required service. The services have to be formally verified for the correctness.

The message communications have to be interpreted in the exact way they are communicated and achieve the desired purpose. Fetching the required data from any corner or component has to be a hassle free operation. It is happening at present but we need them to happen in the accurate and exact way interacting with right set of components. The service discovery needs to bring in the meaningful information from the desired corner.

Keeping all this in mind, the next sections present some possibilities that could help in achieving the desired human friendly web of data.

More at: The Web Circular




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