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Sloppy Recommendations

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Online shops have been hosted. What about recommendations? They have been lazy and sloppy.  There is no one to talk like old shop days and there is no way to display the shelves like in super markets. You just see what is required and browse over the various listed out goods. A website on laptop might appeal to show something more but when a mobile application is used, there is a lot of space restriction on what to be displayed.

Where are the recommendations? What are they? Have they gone away? No. They haven’t. There is a display of all the related items. Say when I want to buy a mobile, I see recommendations of mobile case, screen guard, some USB drives, head sets, etc going with that specific product. There is also an association rules result which says, “Customers who purchased this also purchased this”.

The recommendations have been technically incompetent. Online markets have capability to build better recommendations. They are under research and on the way yet. When market is online, recommendation is one of the major marketing strategies. One needs to display the results that might really interest and excite the user. Just like one converses and picks up goods at shop, just like one looks at shelves and picks up at super market, online marketing should house such features building a friendly purchase environment.


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