The Notice from Web

What not is happening online?
Nothing, probably.

 Digitized books to a friend’s wedding, if not physical presence, online happens to be a promising solution. It is really hard to think of an activity not associated to the web lately. World Wide Web puts more than expected things together making them available at hands reach.

We are going to talk about a number of things related to web in this ebook. Well, that was obvious thought with the book title.


But why the name – ‘The Web Circular?

It’s kind of a Notice. Like a note given to web and web enthusiasts. The book presents a very brief history of evolution and as well predicts a few things that could deliver an obligatory friendly web in the future.  The ebook does not carry the concepts to the pages length. It is written in more of a narrative style, still holding and presenting the required information. The purpose is to deliver the current state of art and challenges and open out some possibilities that could fulfill the challenges at stake.

The book, so why, is divided into two parts.

‘Part A: The Evolution’ presents the history and the evolution of the web. From the creator Tim Berners-Lee’s thoughts to semantic web status, it talks it out all. Like already said, the perspectives are from a great height of view. We don’t go for ant details instead we only see the Godzilla niceties. Appropriate references are cited at the chapter end from where the theory and conclusions are drawn.

‘Part B: The Prospectus’ presents what possibly could achieve the desired web. We have already diversified a lot in order to unify things. Here we see on how we could put things together and be back to the very compulsory basics.

Needless to mention, this book emerged out as a byproduct of my research work. It was an interesting work that materialized out from several papers, books, online bits-and-piece reads and some ‘possibly-this’ thoughts.

The Book can be FREE Downloaded HERE.


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