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Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

This post gives the summary of what to majorly remember in the evolution of web.

Web 1.0:

  • It was mainly a read only web
  • The idea was to create Universal Document Identifier (UDI) ad create a common information space
  • It included static html pages that were updated infrequently
  • Core protocols were: HTTP, HTL and URI

Web 2.0:

  • It is the business revolution in the computer industry
  • Also known as wisdom web, people-centric web, participative web and read-write web
  • With reading and writing, it became bi-directional
  • It had blogs supporting tagging, RSS, Wikis and Mashups
  • Major technologies included: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Flex, Google Web Toolkit etc

Web 3.0:

  • Web moved from web of documents to web of data
  • It defined structured data and link them in order to more effectively discover, automate, integrate and reuse across various applications
  • Organize collaboration in social web
  • It was/is known as semantic web: where approach being in which machine can understand
  • The architecture has: trust, logic and proof, ontology, RDF schema, RDF, XML and then Unicode and URI

Web 4.0: (No proper explanation yet, subject to change)

  • Also known as symbiotic web
  • Has interaction between humans and machines in symbiosis
  • Will be read-write-execution-concurrency web
  • Artificial Intelligence, to support being intelligent web

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