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This is a python code for a random poem generator. The code has a lot of scope for improvements. This project was implemented to learn python and python gui using tkinter.

It takes a keyword as a input and generates a random 4 line poem as output.

It uses python 3.4, tkinter and BeautifulSoup API’s.

The source code can be found here: Random Poem Generator


6 thoughts on “Random Poem Generator

    1. Here are two poem samples got for the keyword – ‘friend’ in two successive runs:

      Run 01:
      friend synonyms, friend antonyms
      informal words should be
      the people gathered about
      boss, that friend of

      Run 02:
      i vowed the captain
      friend synonyms,
      “all this is madness,”
      word origin & history

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  1. Well it won’t be winning the Pulitzer but that’s not a bad thing 😉
    Presumably when it writes “friend synonyms” (or friend autonyms) it’s attempting to insert a synonym but hasn’t quite got that far..?
    It’s fun to see what it can come up with and I imagine they could actually make a good starting point to spark some ideas.

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    1. LOL. Like said, it has a lot of scope for improvements. It was implemented to learn python.

      Not exactly. That is the line which is picked up after scraping the data. Though it picks randomly, that line is been common in both.

      Exactly, sometimes they turn out to be too good. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.. 🙂

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