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The question you might be having in your mind by now would be something on the lines – ‘Are all programming languages the same?’I will not answer that nor will we try to discover.

It’s like, we speak so many languages and you might know a handful of them as well. Are they all same? They are kind of same and not. Yes, they all are means of communication and one would have picked the mother tongue and / or regional first and learnt a few others as well. Knowing one does not make easily know another. There is still learning needed to speak another. You understand it right? They are same in a way that they are not the same.

Similar are programming languages. One can easily get into this debate and never come out of it. There are both schools of thoughts that they all are same and they are not. People point out the differences and say that they are not. People point out the principles and say they are. Everything else rests on how you see it. No matter what, one must understand that the logic of the program is not constrained by the rules.

One is always free to think on how a problem could be solved. Consider the logic of the program of printing 1 to 10. We had an initialization statement; there was a condition check and an increment. The logic is the same with varying syntax for different programming languages. Now we cannot keep this as a base and say this is how it is going to be for all the cases. We just took a very basic example.

Programming is a tool as expressed by many. The inner strength of it is the logic. More and more practice makes one good in logic. Logic is thinking.

If we can think, we can code. If we can think better, we can code better!

Essentially, we all can think so we all can code. If we can think better, we can code better.  When we repeatedly perform a task we tend to think a better means for it. We try to find a shortcut to make it quick. We try to improvise it and make it better. So is the logic. It gets better with practice. That’s how you become a good programmer.

The programming language syntax also has an upshot on the logic. There might be some operations directly supported by the language making those easier and faster to code. They need not be remembered. They can be looked into manual while in need.


All in all, you have a problem and you think of logic. You then pick a language and code the task to solve the problem. Picture above puts the summary.

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5 thoughts on “Logic in Programming

  1. I am not very well at coding and hence I prefer Matlab for the sake of its simple syntax and inbuilt functions.

    Also , If I am asked to print 1 to 10 then I will type each number as a print out 😂😂

    Joke apart, there was a phase when I thought it cool to conduct my behavior as an algorithm with if else and while loops but after a few days realized how much better it is to rely on my fuzzy judgement than a crisp logic

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