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New Command for XEN scheduler

Xen is a virtual machine monitor used for virtualization. Xen Scheduler does CPU scheduling of various domains. It has a default credit scheduler and optional SEDF scheduler which can be set during boot time. The project implements a new command for xen which can be used by the user to modify the behavior of running scheduler. The CPU usage of both the schedulers at default parameters is captured. User has a window available from 0 to 8. SEDF takes value from 0 to 4 and Credit takes from 4 to 8. Scheduler is SEDF at value 0 and Credit at value 8.

Based on the value supplied by the user the CPU usage is varied from its default to other schedulers default. A mathematical function is written to take all the continuous value and map to the parameters respectively to give the desired performance. The command also has a long listing option to see the parameters changed before and after usage of the command. There is also a script written to find out the CPU usage of the scheduler.

The Project can be found HERE.


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