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Basic GUI in Python

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This post helps you in building a basic GUI for python using tkinter. Python 3.4 is used for coding.

# Import the tkinter
from tkinter import *

root = Tk()
var = StringVar()

# Set the Layout as desired and the title for the window
root.title("Title Here")

# Display an image
# The image gets displayed at the centre of the window
image = PhotoImage(file="give-image-name-with-path.gif")
labelp = Label(image=image)
labelp.pack(), rely=0.2, anchor=CENTER)

# Display a text prompt say asking a name
key_display = Label(root, text="Enter the name")
key_display.pack(), rely=0.4, anchor=CENTER)

# Set a input box to collect a user input
# The input can be extratced from the variable 'var'
user_input = Entry(root, bd=7,textvariable=var)
user_input.pack(), rely=0.4, anchor=CENTER)

# Get a button at the centre
B = Button(root, text ="-- Button Name --", command=function_name_you_want_to_exe)
B.pack(), rely=0.5, anchor=CENTER, height=50, width=150)


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