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12 Ebooks and Reviews

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The Journey
It’s been 12 ebooks this far – both technical and non technical. They all have been FREE downloads and have received a lot of comments/feedback through mails, chats, blog etc.

I started my writing journey by being a very hilariously awkward writer, which was an outcome of my research frustration with the online series called today calls tomorrow. Back then, I just wanted to write and write, for fun, where I was least bothered about writing style or presentation. Today, the first work definitely has this expression of: “Oh, I was such a bad writer”.

It did not take much time to realize the beauty that writing had and gave. With time came the improvements and eleven other works. Technical book ‘Design of a Programmer’ has 750+ downloads this far and has been increasing every .day. The reach of the book has been…

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2 thoughts on “12 Ebooks and Reviews

  1. in design of a programmer, you ask why code is not like this:

    “x” made a transition to “y” with input “u” at time “t”

    for a task scheduler thats fine, but “time t” is more useful as an event (a conditional signalled by something being true, essentially in a loop that continually checks whether the program or the os handles the events) and those are very common in programming.

    the event can be a time, but if every conditional depended on a time then not much would happen. easier to just put a delay before each command. im sure i didnt follow the question anyway.

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    1. I don’t mean the delay way. I do understand the time triggered events.

      What I mean is, in programming, time is not considered as a parameter. Say for example: If instruction ‘a’ is supposed to be executed after ‘b’, in such cases it can be verified by time of execution.

      Thank you giving it a read..:-)

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