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Potentially, The Web

The original dream of web was to link anything object on the web with ease and same way. It came with challenges of having common data formats, languages for the web and digital signatures to make it all happen. There was a major challenge of maintaining the equilibrium between people and information.

Web has to organize the data and provide a better means to access it. Along with data it should also provide the dependencies and relationships of how a job is processed and how the different links are related. To achieve all this speaking the same language is the key.

Web demands an optimal Resource Description Format (RDF) structure to maintain the privacy information, endorsement labels, library catalogues, tools for structuring and organizing web data, distribution terms and annotation. It is necessary that web builds a trust. It is about building things together on web.

Tim Berners-Lee’s ‘Enquire’ program used to ask to associate a tag for every page that was created and also relationships between related items. As the web grew this became unmanageable. The key lies in achieving this, in one way or the other. We need a formal way of representing ‘data about data’ to keep it precise and correct.

One has to understand that it starts with alphabets and then the various logic’s are built. Similarly one should understand and realize the main intentions for which the web was created. The path might lead to tranquility or detestation based on the way we opt to see and use it.

This post is motivation from:

Realizing the full Potential of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, Based on Talk presented at W3C Meeting, London, 1997.

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