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Since the birth of web it has always demanded technologies that make sense. When web was instantiated – rendering, transfer of documents and data was the key challenge. Web grew as a network and it was not understood the same way by everyone.  It grew with plethora of information, products and services, readily discover-able by its users. Web was challenged to add meaning to the web resources on the one hand and perform complex tasks for users on the other hand.

In early 2000 it advanced from web of documents to web of people. Web enabled services came into the picture. Technological innovation enabled users not only to contribute content to web but also engage in collectively organizing and structuring information. In the course of time it also led to recommender systems.

Web of people also got people profiles.  Web became an integral part of one’s life.  The digital literacy among people increased with time as it naturally got fused with everyday life activities.  Role of search engines and recommender systems have been significantly enhanced by online social networks. Web and society have been contributing to each other in each other’s development. Web is now a socio-technical phenomenon.

Web is a Technology, induced with Society!

It did not take long to realize that Web was more than an application of internet. Annotation, engagement of individuals led to web innovation. Web now needs cognition, extended mind hypothesis, infrastructure that enables collective intelligence. Web now has a science of its own which can be defined as the theory and practice of social machines.  Qualitative and quantitative research data, methods and tools for web science research are in demand which will enable the applied research in the area.

This post is a motivation from:

Wendy Hall and Thanassis Tiropanis. 2012. Web evolution and Web Science. Comput. Netw. 56, 18 (December 2012), 3859-3865.


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