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‘Who isn’t interested in getting valuable information?’ possibly this has been an opening line of many data expert speakers from the last decade. ‘Data’ is no more a question of concern. The concern is on data science and data engineering. The science we have is never ideal. There is always a need of constant research and progress in the field.

Web 2.0 definition has already reached the saturation. Semantic web (web 3.0) has opened many threads of research. There has been bundle of methodologies to keep all the related data together to make the search and content collaboration meaningful and efficient. Where have we reached? What is the current state of art?

Here is what we are trying to answer through data science (and mostly relating to online data):

“Do we have a question?”
Yes, we have. The exploding data has given a lot of questions.

“Do we have the science to answer the question?”
If we already had the science to answer, we would not have the question anymore. We have the supporting science; we need to tailor it to get the required solution. There is ample opportunity for the research and development.

“Do we have the data to answer the question?”
We have all the required data to answer the question. In fact it’s all the data present which has motivated to frame the question.

“Is the question worth a solution?”
Any research which moves ahead the direction or takes a branch is worth a try. The techniques to answer the question might lead to new advancements in the field of data engineering and semantic web.


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