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Web Principles

Web has lived long. It has a long journey ahead as well. Web was established with principles and they will hold good for eternity. In fact they will have to for the success of web as aptly described by Tim Berners-Lee. Here is a quick recap of principles described by him.

Universality –
Universality is the general expectation for any kind of system. For web, it means a link that can give access to any kind of data that is present. It also indicates that no data should be hidden within its own network.

Open Standards –
They drive innovation. Web should allow any site to link to any other site. Open and royalty free standards are the encouragement and a ‘no’ to closed worlds.

Web and Internet –
They both are different. One has to know that web is an application running on the internet.

Human Rights –
User gets the bandwidth for what he has paid for.

No Snooping –
It is not meant to share the illegal data and one has to follow the web electronic laws.


5 thoughts on “Web Principles

  1. i think its more like a rainforest– hearty, yet not indestructable. want proof that its dying? look at the history of mozilla up to recent times. how far theyve fallen, its a joke now, theyve gone “windows” on us:

    the web is an ecosystem defined by its builders and users. its not a monolith, and the infrastructure is constantly being added to. depending how that goes, it remains what it is or becomes a system for perfect surveillance. the only thing that will ever keep it free is sheer dedication of its users. non-used freedoms wither and die, and non-maintained bastions of freedom weaken and fall. we need a few more al gores. (at least we have wyden.)

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    1. I will head to that link soon.

      I so much agree and accept those thoughts! So why the reason web always excites me! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. Your comments make me happy.. 🙂

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      1. dont ever feel like you have to go to a link i put in a comment! read those as “see also” or “go here for more information.” a (required) link in a comment is just short of bastardly 🙂

        …as is everything mozilla has done over the past year or two. the only good thing i will say about them is theyre better than chrome. thats not saying a lot.

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        1. Ha ha.. I dont mind checking them for some extra information.

          I had seen a documentary video on browser wars, long back in time. I guess reading that will help in getting the context.

          I shall take this up soon. Like in first week of Jan and will be back with comments. 🙂

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