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PhD – The Messy Desk

PH Bytes

Okay, so you decided to have a Permanent Head Damage! Isn’t it? So why you want a PhD! Does it mean that? Very much! Needless I say all that, PhD is one hell of an exciting journey. This book will reveal all the encounters one will undergo. It’s more like being arrested for no reason and no one is giving you the bail!

So, what next? How do I come out of this prison? Nopes! There is no coming out! The only hope is that,
Can you make that prison as a better place to live in?
Can you make that place the one you own and make it look striking?
Can you build a wrapper around it so that it is more welcoming and attracts one towards it?

Well, there is more! You should read ahead. Go on!

To read more,
Go ahead and download this free ebook:



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