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The One Programming Language

As a computer scientist, if you were asked to learn ONLY one programming language, then which one would it be?

In that case, I would build my own language and its as-demanding mini compiler.

It would have a proper combination of concepts coming from Scheme (or any other functional), packaging structures like Java and mostly working like C, all of it written in python with all needed data analysis packages.

I know its not easy to comprehend all and needs a very higher level of abstraction, but sure would be fun to work!


2 thoughts on “The One Programming Language

  1. please build a language. its extremely fun and rewarding.

    better yet, build more than one– if you know how to program (and i know you do,) create a “1-day” demo language, a “2-week” toy language, and a “6-month” utility language. each language depends on the previous one being fun and rewarding– so if the 1-day language is tedious and boring, you wont do to the 2-week one.

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    1. I am on it. Having completed a toy compiler (decaf), i do have the plans. I really like the layout plan you have mentioned. I will sure put my hands on some time.

      Thank you so much for the thoughts. I mean it.. 🙂

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