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The Clear Up

Take a walk outside.

Clear all your thoughts about the doubts of ‘if you will be a good programmer or not’. Flush out any opinions you have which you had gathered from somewhere else and if you had decided that programming is not your cup of tea. Yeah! If not green tea, we shall have a regular tea which tastes much better.

Research has shown that running and coding go hand in hand. One who runs and exercises can code better. Running is a good way to release the stress and freshen up for the good thoughts. If you can make a habit of running at-least for 10 minutes a day and few simple exercises, it is going to be very effective. No compulsion though.

Have you heard of the book series “The Art of Computer Programming” by Donald E. Knuth? You should check them out. Browse the web for more. It’s good to know! Then there are many other resources as well. You will find out many in the journey. Keep some as your personal favorites along the way.

You know how in babyhood we all picked up things at our own pace and learnt the way which was very different from the others? We always had guidance from parents and loved ones and things were also dependent on the environment we grew up. No one told us ‘you cannot walk’, ‘you will never be able to talk’ and other things. We picked up things slowly as we grew. Every one of us had some things quick and some late. Today, it all does not matter. This is exactly the case with respect to programming. We are going to do it our way which is most comfortable to us. I hope you get the context. To explain, clear your thoughts. You are now a good programmer in making. That making is going to take your decided amount of time. A good enthusiasm and confidence will make the process easier and faster.

Clear up. Take a walk outside. Yet again!

You can read more about being a better programmer here: Design of a Programmer

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