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Analysis Of PH Bytes

Such a pleasant surprise! Thank you for the Analysis. It means a lot. 🙂


PH BYTES is a technical blog which is owned by prakash hegade. The blog has got an interesting tagline which is that, MAN, MACHINE AND PIECE. Thus the blog mainly talks about the technical sides of programme coding. The blogger is basically a programme developer, so he mainly writs about all that through his blog. It’s not just only about programming in his blog, there are a lot of other things too.

He writes about Python codes, hashing, understanding DS, FPRAS, and about a lot of other things he writes. He is a passionate writer focused on programming.

Thus the blogger most of the times comes up with a general discussion topics, where the readers also can come up with their views and ideas.

The very first time when we open the blog, we get attracted by the tagline which given in the front. That is one of the major…

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