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Every Language Has A Story

You don’t read a romantic novel expecting horror story in it right? So are all the programming languages. They have some objectives and principles behind them. You can’t expect anything beyond for what it was designed.

PHP is a hyper text preprocessing language. PERL is for extraction and reporting. R is mainly for data analysis. C attempts to be ideal for systems programming. PYTHON is an ideal scripting language. HASKELL is a pure mathematical language. HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. The story goes on for every language. Don’t pick a language and use it for what it is not supposed to be. Every language has a dedicated audience.

‘Awk’ was supposed to be a command. The power it had was more for just a command. It turned to be a language on its own. So is the story with ‘sed’. ‘Prolog’ is a logic programming language. APL introduced array programming. Well, they all have stories.

Did you know there is a programming language called Ook!?? It has only three syntax elements: OoK. Ook! and Ook?. LOLCODE is also a programming language. ‘Whenever’ you feel like, wait, ‘Whenever’ is also a programming language. ‘Chicken’ and ‘Chef’ are languages as well. Think of any weird word and you might find a language with that name. If not yet, you could be the inventor!

If you feel this is all a Brainfuck, there is a programming language called ‘Brainfuck’ as well. ‘OMGROFL!’ now that’s also a language!

You can read more here: Design of a Programmer


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