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We know that ‘computation is a process of unfolding the given problem’. I always had this question, why is it not ‘computation is a process of unfolding the given problem with respect to time’? Everything we do has the time dimension. We have seen hardware students doing it as well, but why not in software’s? That is one serious question I have!

In other understandable term, we say:
“x” made a transition to “y” with input “u”


Instead, why don’t we say:
“x” made a transition to “y” with input “u” at time “t”

Time is not in design. So it is not in program as well. But is it essential to have it?

I see the answer for it as ‘yes’. It could be a means to prove the correctness of a program. Time definitely needs to be associated with every step event in the program. Yes. It is a call for better design and programming mechanism.


6 thoughts on “Time Please!

    1. Yes Nilesh. It all started with space and time and space became obsolete.

      The time I am referring here is not the time analysis carried out for the computation. It is the time association for every step execution. Just like hardware signals are represented. Like a time count for every statement (or block) execution.

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  1. Time..or may be just numbers..The whole universe is created on a numerical foundation, where every single object created by nature is a part of Sacred Geometry..Therefore, Time is most definitely relevant to Design 🙂 (philosophically as well as technically)

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