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Keylink Data Structure

We often encounter projects and experiments where keywords are associated to the web links. For each of those keywords present in the list, one or more links are collected to gather and process the data related to it. Keylink data structure maintains a web link to every keyword present in the list. The number of links maintained is dependent on the project and the user requirement.

Keylink data structure supports the following operations:

  • Add a new key – adds a new key to the list of keylinks
  • Collect the link – gets the link from the web for the keys present in the keylink which do not have the associated links yet
  • Remove key – removes a key and associated link from the keylink
  • Show – prints the keylink with loaded keys and available links. Prints NULL if no links are collected for the key yet.

Manual and Python implementation of this data structure can be found at following github link:

Keylink Data Structure



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